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Andy has helped over 1,600 clients achieve their goals since 2013

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In just 30 minutes, Andy packs high intensity workouts that most trainers take an hour to accomplish. Having tried group classes and gyms, I find that his workouts are better-designed and more customized than any others I've come across. His attitude toward training is encouraging, with his goal of ultimately making his clients independently equipped to continue pursing sustainable health goals. 


His holistic approach of providing nutritional advice and additional workouts have set me up for long term success, and from meeting other clients through partner training sessions he facilitated by pairing people up with similar fitness levels, I can tell that puts the same care and investment into each of his client relationships.

My experience with Andy has been incredible. When I began my search for a personal trainer, I contacted 5 of the top-rated trainers on Yelp and other sites. Andy was quick to respond and even did so while on vacation with his wife. He stepped away and made time to discuss my goals and within a few days I was scheduled and had a full workout and diet plan. NONE of the other trainers put in that much effort or care. A couple months in and I look better, feel better, and enjoy life more. Andy even works off the clock texting his clients to make sure they are following diet plans and enjoying their workouts. I couldn't recommend him more.


I've worked with Andy over the past six months on my fitness goals. From our first meeting, I could tell that Andy was invested in my happiness as a client, and in my overall health and well-being too. He started by meticulously crafting meal plans, workout regimens and tips and tricks for me to use on the days that we weren't working out together. He shared his best practices and answered every question I had about diet and fitness thoughtfully, explaining the science behind all of his answers and helping me learn more about what makes our bodies tick and how to make my fitness dreams a reality.

Beyond his fitness insights and powerful workouts, Andy is just an all-around great human being. His sense of humor will keep you laughing all workout long. His stories and jokes keep every session with him fresh and exciting. Your abs won't just hurt from the exercise, but from how hard you'll be laughing too. Overall my experience with Andy as a trainer has been better than any other I've had with past trainers. It's clear that Andy is passionate about the work he does, caring for his clients, and determined to see each and every one of them succeeds. 5 out of 5!


Andrew is a great trainer! I loved working with him, we had a weekly session where I felt I was pushed and gained strength. Besides just our weekly session he also came up with a work out plan for me for the rest of the week as well and a meal plan that was flexible. He took into consideration a back injury I have, and created a workout that did not put stress on the area, he taught me how to do the exercises correctly so that I would not cause further injury to it. Andrew really takes into consideration your individual needs, goals, and lifestyle, and he seems to really care that you can get a good workout with him but also on your own. He has given me the tools and knowledge I needed to have an effective weekly workout plan. In my opinion he is the best trainer in the area and really does a lot to help with personal goals for a very reasonable price. Along with all of that goodness he is also a very kind and fun person, making the workout that much more enjoyable. I cannot thank him enough for helping me! I feel stronger and healthier!


I had a lot of success working with Andy who taught me about macros, was constantly available to me for support via text and email and brought the energy of a thousand blazing suns to every training session. His enthusiasm was simply contagious and his help was exactly the jump start I needed to get back in the work out/ nutrition game after being in a rut. He made every session fun with his playfulness and sense of humor and he has a genuine passion for helping others reach their goals. I highly recommend him!


Andy is an absolute star! My husband and I really wanted to feel toned and confident before our wedding, so we did some research to find a trainer in the area who got great reviews and would be comfortable training us virtually during COVID. We reached out to several trainers in the area, but Andy stood out for his responsiveness, attention to detail, and thoroughness. Over the next three months, Andy helped us surpass our goals! He was always upbeat, answered all of my million questions throughout the process, and laid out a very clear and thoughtful workout plan and diet for the three months we worked with him. Would highly recommend!


Andy is a terrific trainer. I started training with him through virtual sessions several months into the pandemic, with the goal of getting into better shape. Five months later, I am much stronger than I was before I started working with him. He's an incredibly patient and thoughtful trainer, and has done a wonderful job keeping me motivated. He has found creative ways to develop virtual workouts with bands, kettlebells, and dumbbells. I've never been good at sticking to regular workout sessions, but I always look forward to my sessions with him - and to completing the homework he assigns! There is no better trainer in the DMV area. I'm grateful to Andy for helping me improve my health and fitness.


Andy Shin is absolutely amazing. I reached out to him this past July and I have no regrets. Working with Andy has been life changing! Since meeting Andy, I’ve learned so much more about nutrition and strength training. Before we met, I’d try various types of diets and stuck pretty strictly to just running. These diets would often fail and give me a negative mindset around certain types of foods, and the running often left me injured. With Andy’s help, I focused more on the nutritional aspects of all food, and less on the idea or “good” or “bad” foods. I also stopped getting injured! With the baseline of strength training, I can keep running without all the aches and pains I would normally get before and run at a faster pace than I ever have. In addition to all of this, I fell in love with the strength training workouts, and now prioritize those above other exercise. The most impressive part about all of this is that it was all done virtually! Andy is always flexible with timing and he does a great job teaching over Zoom. After a few months of video sessions with Andy, I lost 20 pounds, and when I finally saw him in person, I was able to deadlift more than my current weight! I had no idea I could accomplish so much in a small apartment and a couple of dumbbells. In person sessions have been wonderful too, as Andy pushes me even harder and really shows how much he cares. I love feeling stronger and more capable, both of which have given me so much more confidence in my life. I saw friend and family this fall, after not having seen them for many months, and many commented on how happy and healthy I seemed now. If you’re looking for a more than just a trainer, please reach out to Andy. He really cares about every aspect of your life and wants the best for every one of his clients.


I trained with Andy during my pregnancy and he was amazing!!! Being an OBGYN myself I was looking for someone who was knowledgeable, experienced and confident training me throughout my pregnancy and postpartum period. During my pregnancy he adjusted the workout routine so it was safe, yet challenging and also focused on strengthening my back, core and improving my flexibility. He was always available to answer all my questions, gave me his undivided attention, and was very accommodating of my needs and flexible with workout sessions given my crazy schedule. The virtual sessions were amazing and perfect especially given the current times with the pandemic.



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