Private Personal Training


Flexible options tailored for people from all walks of life

Private, group, and online training services to help you meet your fitness goals


One-on-one personal training will get you the best and most personalized results possible.

First, Andy will meet with you for a fitness consultation that is designed to assess how best he can help you achieve your goals. Based on this assessment, Andy will establish a program that centers around your objectives and needs. This includes accommodating certain physical limitations such as injuries, pregnancies or other health concerns. Workouts are tailored to each individual and Andy uses every tool possible to ensure the success of his clients. No two workouts are ever the same – TRX bands, kettlebells, free weights and other equipment are utilized to make each session different and interesting.


Stay motivated and inspire one another to conquer challenging workouts together!

Small group training consists of 2 to 4 people per session. In order to maximize each workout, individuals must complete a fitness consultation to ensure they are assigned to an appropriate group with similar fitness levels. Workouts will consist of strength and circuit training, plyometrics and aerobic conditioning.


Ideal for busy professionals, parents, or anyone who simply needs greater flexibility and convenience of working out on their own time.

Online personal training sessions allow clients to receive Andy’s full services while eliminating the need to travel and coordinate schedules. Like Andy’s in-person training, all online programs are customized to each individual. Andy tailors each workout based on an initial fitness consultation and progress once the program has begun. Communication is key and Andy will keep you accountable and motivated throughout your fitness journey. Contact him for details today!

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